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About Team Carnage Gaming, LLC.

Team Carnage Gaming, LLC. also known as "Carnage" or "TC" is a professional electronic sports & entertainment organization established in 2007 by Michael Keating and Fahd Ahmed. Originally famed for its undisputed control of Call of Duty: World at War leaderboards and public Search and Destroy servers, TC has since retained similar relevance in subsequent Call of Duty installments, drawing the affiliation of hundreds of competitive gamers and the attention of thousands more. What began as a casual gaming crew has expanded into an active, open and welcoming community suitable for players of all levels. Team Carnage has multiple divisions varying from your standard Xbox and PlayStation all the way to Computer and iOS app games. Whether you are a young competitive player looking for a professional career or a middle-aged gamer looking to settle down and have some fun, Team Carnage Gaming has it all. TC is a force to be reckoned with, both in public servers and competitive eSports tournaments/events. The company owners have recently set their sights on expanding the organization and making the community a better place!

About TC Keating

Michael Keating, aka TC Keating, founded the Team Carnage Gaming organization with Fahd Ahmed aka TC MED in 2007, just a year before a blast-off official debut in 2008 in Call of Duty: World at War. Born and raised in New Jersey, Keating first met Fahd in the 6th grade at a local Middle School and they both shared the same passion about video games. Keating's passion with gaming resulted in the creation of Team Carnage. When the team was first created it was just a friendly and recreational clan. As TC started to grow, recruiting some of the best players in the world, Keating realized that this wasn't just any ordinary team, it was a community of gamers that shared the same passion. Team Carnage continued to grow setting 'record breaking' achievements, taking over public server world leaderboards and competing in competitive esports tournaments. Some of his personal gaming achievements include being ranked #6 in the world for Search and Rescue (CoD: Ghosts). Keating also competed in Call of Duty at UMG Nashville 2014, UMG California 2015 and UMG DC 2015.

About TC MED

Fahd "Med" Ahmed, aka TC MED, co-founded the Team Carnage Gaming organization with TC Keating in 2007, just a year before a blast-off official debut in 2008 in Call of Duty: World at War. Born in Alexandria, Egypt, Ahmed moved to the states at a young age and met Keating in middle school. With the release of the hit game Halo 3, MED spent countless hours deeply entrenched in its competitive zone, earned a level 49 in its MLG playlist and sold level 50 accounts as his side interest. MED was drawn in by Keating's at-the-time outlandish vision for a massive gaming organization that could suit gamers at all levels of play, and this shifted his focus to Call of Duty. Since then, Team Carnage members have notoriously held top leaderboard positions on all Call of Duty(Xbox) releases and have just as well been known to dominate the public servers. MED is a graduate from The University of North Carolina. Anticipating the re-release of mainstream competitive Halo, he is now eager to expand the team beyond Call of Duty and build a professional Halo squad.

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