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Team Carnage Gaming, LLC. 


Official Team Carnage Gaming Jersey


The official Team Carnage Gaming jerseys are now available for preorder! The way the process works is we will set a preorder date. During these dates, you can purchase the jersey in full. At the end of the preorder date all jerseys will begin processing. The processing of the jerseys will take roughly 2-4 weeks with an additional 2-3 business days for shipping.

Current Preorder date:  COMING SOON

About the Jerseys:

-Official Team Carnage Gaming Jerseys

-Full Dye sublimated Long Sleeve Jersey

-Fully Customizable

*Please keep in mind sponsors on the back may change or may not match the picture.

*Please be sure to enter EXACT First/Last Name and Gamertag/PSN on the jersey. We are not responsible for spelling errors on the jersey.


First/Last name and Gamertag on jersey (Please enter the EXACT name you would like, we are not responsible for spelling errors on the jersey.)

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